FAQ – Questions from Friends and Family


„How will our families and friends react?“

That was the questions we asked ourselves shortly after deciding to really make that trip. I had all kinds of scenarios in mind – from crows over tearing up to preachments. I was sure that my sister would start crying and my to-be father-in-law would give us a lecture on not to quit our jobs and apartments and leave everything behind. But it wasn’t that bad. We found a good tactic to tell everybody about our intention. Because if you start the conversation by saying „we have to tell you something…“ everybody thinks the woman is pregnant. And when that topic is no longer an issue it’s not the badest thing that we will go away to travel the world.

But of course there were a lot of questions. In part they were comprehensible, in part they were kind of absurd. I wrote down the frequently asked questions. Maybe that will help you to prepare for the endless hours of questions and answers.

Frequently asked questions (incl. answers)

  1. „Did you think about that long enough?“ („Yes“)
  2. „Are you rich?“ („No“)
  3. „Are you going to underlet you apartments?“ („No“ – followed by:)
  4. „You want to give up your apartments???“ („Yes, we already quit“ – that info didn’t always go down well)
  5. „Are you gonna quit your job?“ (The info that that already happened as well didn’t always go down well, too)
  6. „And what’s about your new car?“ („I’m selling it – do you need a new car?“)
  7. „Can I have your …?“ („Sure, that costs X Euros“ – Complete … with any piece of furniture or white goods)
  8. „Where do you wanna go?“ („Around the whole world“)
  9. „When are you leaving?“ („Beginning of September“)
  10. „What is your first destination?“ („Namibia“)
  11. „How long will your journey last?“ („At least one year“)
  12. „Do you buy a round-the-world-ticket?“ („No“ – Why? I will explain that in a detailed article soon)
  13. „Don’t you have any doubts or fears?“ („No“ – I will write a detailed article soon)
  14. „How do you do your laundry then?“ („With water?!“)
  15. „Can I join you?“ (What should I answer to such a question?)
  16. „WHAT???“

Basically the reactions were positive throughout. Our parents were partly shocked in the first place but as the shock was over they started being excited. In fact we are old enough. And in that way everbody gets new vacation destinations. Our friends always reacted in the same way: „How cool is that?! I would do that as well if I could. Eventually I’m gonna make such a journey as well but I can’t afford it at the moment.“ In this case, eventually means never. There is no right time for anything in life. Everybody can afford a longer journey and see the world – you only have to dare to.

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In diesem Blog erzähle ich die Geschichten, die mein Freund Patrick und ich auf unserer Weltreise erleben - und gebe Tipps zur richtigen Vorbereitung einer Langzeitreise und zu einzelnen Reisezielen.

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