Our Trip around the World – How it all began…

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

Everything started with a trip to Thailand we already booked and this quotation.

I had quit my Job a couple weeks ago and wanted to use the vacation to recharge my batteries and get motivated for finding a new job. When we talked about the upcoming vacation one night and decided not to plan too much in advance, Patrick suddenly came up with this quotation. And then one thing led to another. In the course of the evening we didn’t only talk about planning our three weeks in Thailand. We talked about a much longer trip – once around the world.

I already had the idea of traveling around the world someday for quite some time. But when you say someday you probably never do it. When Patrick started to talk about it the idea became a plan really fast. And with the plan came a bunch of questions. What will our friends and families say? Can we afford such a trip? What do we do with all our stuff? What insurances do we need? What else do we have to arrange? In part typical questions a German asks himself when he has an idea of which everybody dreams but no one really does because he doesn’t dare to.

In the meantime we have answers to some of our questions. Our friends and families were surprised but excited as well. Some of them say they want to come with us. Others think we’re brave because they never would dare to do such a trip themselves and leave everything behind. But one thing they all have in common: they want to get some of our stuff – in the best case for free. At least this is clear now…
What insurances you need and what else you have to have in mind is explained in the category travel planning.

Answers to other questions will come gradually. Can we afford it? Currently yes. But who knows what’s happening on the way? Maybe we earn lots of money – maybe we bust faster than we ever dreamed of. Then we have to move back into our old nurseries.

Besides all the other questions we of course also thought about the route. What criteria are crucial for planning the route? Does a round-the-world ticket make sense? Those questions will get answered in a detailed post soon.

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Stay tuned!

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In diesem Blog erzähle ich die Geschichten, die mein Freund Patrick und ich auf unserer Weltreise erleben - und gebe Tipps zur richtigen Vorbereitung einer Langzeitreise und zu einzelnen Reisezielen.

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